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Bespoke Cakes & Cakescapes

My design or yours.  Let's make something delicious and memorable.

Pies, Sweets & other delights

Are Pies and Tarts more your thing?  That's ok, I do those too!

Green Geode Cake
Bridal Shower Sweetness
Woodland Wonder Cake
Sugar Explosion
Summers at the Cottage Cake
Easter Egg Cakescape
Mile High Lemon Pie
Mini Pies
Pastry Art
Campfire Cupcakes and Bacon Krispies
Mini Donuts
Spring Goddess Cake
Tropical Cakescape
The artist at work
Butter Tarts and Macaroons

Arlene Lott

Cakes, Pies, & other Delights

about me.

Toronto born and raised Baking Maven with a penchant for good cake, beautiful design, and a distinct dislike of fondant.

Take a wander through my baking brain here and get in touch if there's something you're craving.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Message me here and let's talk sweets!


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